December 2022

Eagle Space Group has initiated new business venture for media market Eagle Eye Media. This business has started as CEO Ivan Miletić Milbridge recently moved to Europe where he has gained excellent exposure to local media in southeast Europe due to increasing interest in International current affairs caused by the war in Ukraine.

Working with the media has been an interesting and positive experience, considering this market covers an audience of some 30 million people in the region plus broader audience of the diaspora world-wide that accesses these programs via social media and internet platforms. Through these engagements, our CEO has developed an excellent network of media professionals, experts and independent organisations specialising in strategic analysis, security and diplomacy.

Consequently, Eagle Space Group has decided to start up a media production company which will offer balanced perspectives on current international affairs and world issues providing to local media outlets in this region, while also collaborating with and sourcing news from south-east Europe to western media. By doing this Eagle Eye Media will bring balanced news and stories to the region and news about the region to the world media.

Details about Eagle Eye Media are available at our website via the following link.

September 2020, Belgrade

Eagle Space Group has signed contract with Yugoimport SDPR to act as their Consultant for the Australian market and assist with creating and increasing their footprint at the Australia market, including assistance with bidding for projects under Integrated Soldier Systems Program (Projects: Land 159, Land 125 and Land 1508). The aim is to introduce market requirements to Yugoimport SDPR and its Asia and Oceania Commercial Team, raise awareness to the Australian Department of Defence about Yugoimport SDPR and it capabilities, as global trading company with Defence materiel, as well as to include the Australian industry into global supply chain.

Yugoimport SDPR is a global defence industry trading company from Europe specialised in the development, production, sustainment and deployment of Defence platforms and systems.
Yugoimport SDPR has been recognised as a reliable supplier on the international defence market with its own in-house development and production programs of Defence capabilities. The company focuses on integrating technology with manpower capabilities to ensure it meets current and future demand in the international Defence market. Yugoimport SDPR has extensive experience in delivering defence capabilities. The company is recognised by an extensive network of global partners.
Yugoimport SDPR functions on the basis of a collaborative framework that promotes transparency and trust. The company also operates in respect of risk management framework relevant to delivering expected acquisition and sustainment objectives. The company provides a broad range of defence capabilities for land, air, water, information and cyber domains including:

  • -ammunition and explosive ordnance;
  • -small arms, uniforms and ballistic protection for soldiers and other personnel;
  • -wade range of combat vehicles and main battle tanks;
  • -artillery systems, cannons and missile systems;
  • -watercrafts and light patrol boats;
  • -airplanes, UAVs and other air aircraft systems;
  • -electronic warfare systems;
  • -battle management systems; and
  • -other defence products and services.
Furthermore, Yugoimport SDPR provides following services globally:
  • -manufacturing and international trade of defence capabilities;
  • -defence science, engineering and technical services in the field of R&D, overhaul and upgrade;
  • -defence specific personnel education and training and
  • -defence industry cooperation – primarily transfer of defence technologies, capital investment in the field of defence infrastructure and development & production of joint defence capabilities globally and sustainment.

Yugoimport SDPR embraces innovation as part of the business objectives and works to enhance the manufacturing of complex defence systems, platforms and related equipment. The company can deliver defence capabilities according to different defence standards including NATO and non-NATO defence specific standards. It achieves this by combining its own expertise and industry capabilities, the process includes close work with innovators and partners in the international defence market.
Yugoimport SDPR is constantly evolving to align the development of products with the strategic needs of global counterparts in meeting international defence standards. This includes selection of the OEMs capable to deliver best of breed products for international buyers including the Australian Department of Defence.
Eagle Space Group will assist Yugoimport SDPR with other procurement projects in Australia and integrate the company as its client into the Australian defence industry setting.

August 2019

Our Director Ivan Miletic Milbridge as President of Ivo Andric Society has initiated volunteering initiative to support Serbian National Team for WMF World Cup 2019 in Perth Australia. As part of the initiative SBS Radio in Serbian broadcasted the following Interview. To listen the podcast in Serbian please click here.

March 2019

Eagle Space Proudly supports Serbian National Team‘s participation at Minifootbal World Cup 2019 in Perth, Australia. For more info plese click here.

February 2019

Former Serbian Ambassador’s residence in Canberra on sale by tender, for more information and relevant details please click here.

31 January 2019

Partner – International Defence Fair is held biennially, end of June, at Belgrade Fair, under the auspices of Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia.
The event objective is presentation of weapons and military equipment „from all sides of the world“ – complex artillery and missile systems, contemporary shooting arms and ammunition, combat armored vehicles, electronic equipment, lightweight airplanes, new radars, various simulators, protection ballistic equipment , combat patrol boats, etc.
The International Defence Fair is visited by many high ranking delegations from the whole world, as well as the representatives of NATO, European Defense Agency and other international military / security organizations.
Date: June 25-28, 2019
Place: Belgrade, Serbia
Please click here for more information about the event.

11 June 2018

Our Director Ivan Miletic Milbridge has been interviewed by SBS Radio in Serbian language about progress with Community Development Projects supported by Eagle Space Group. To listen podcast in Serbian please click here in Serbian language.

20 february 2018

Eagle Space Group was general sponsor for Ivo Andric Society’s participation at the National Multicultural Festival 2018, held between 16 and 18 February 2018 in Canberra. The festival has been organised in the centre of town and is a fun, free, family-friendly event that includes activities, shows, food and culture stalls, dancing and celebrations.
Stallholders sell food and drinks and present their cultural heritage and countries of origin. Ivo Andric Society successfully presented Serbia and Serbian culture at the event and Eagle Space Group was proud to support Ivo Andric Society. SBS Radio program in Serbian captured the event and Ivo Andric Society participation in the following radio stories:
Serbians at the 2018 National Multicultural Festival this weekend in Canberra
Serbian community at the Multicultural Festival in Canberra
You can access the official National Multicultural Festival website here.
Ivo Andric Society has issued Public Report about the event .

14 September 2017

SBS Radio in Serbian language broadcasted interview with Dositej Serbian Language School’s Director Maria Cuk Milbridge. You can listen podcast here in Serbian language.

23 August 2017  

Daily Politika published interview with Dositej Serbian Language School’s Director Maria Cuk Milbridge (in Serbian language). You can read article here.

4 April 2017  

Online and social media site Australiana Serba published article about Dositej Serbian Language School (in Serbian language). You can read article here.

9 March 2017  

Online and social media site Australiana Serba published article about eagle Space Group founder Ivan Milbridge (in Serbian language). You can read article here.

01st July 2016

Eagle Space Group’s holding management company is listed on Austrade’s Australian suppliers database. Our international partners can access the detail by clicking on the following link.

17th June 2016

ESG’s 15th Anniversary Press Release

22nd May 2016

Eagle Space Group new Client Service Centre in Australia

Eagle Space Group started its new Client Service Centre in Australia. The aim is to provide access to efficient and productive business environment to ESG trade facilitation teams including following facilities available for use to our business partners:

  • - Business Class Wi-Fi
  • - Meeting rooms
  • - Office facilities
  • - Professional administrative support
  • - Design and printing of business collateral
  • - Corporate Travel
  • - Events Management
  • - Video Conference facilities
Eagle Space Group is now able to access over 140 of the world’s office building in 21 countries across US, Europe, Middle East, India, Asia Pacific and Australia. Our new address in Australia is:
Level 1, The Realm
18 National Circuit
Barton ACT 2600

06th September 2015

Launch of our new travel booking portal for Montenegro, Belgrade and Serbia

Eagle Space Group launched its new travel booking portal as a tool for travel industry service providers (agents and wholesalers) willing to offer Serbia and Montenegro to their destinations portfolio in Australia.
The portal is available on and offers travel packages for Montenegro, Belgrade and Serbia. The packages are designed to include 4 and 5 star accommodation, rent-a-car, airport transfers and avio-taxi services.
For more information please send us an email on .

27th February 2015

Launching Mile Dragic Production into Australia

Eagle Space Group and Mile Dragic Production signed a cooperation agreement on Februaty 27th 2015. The purpose of the agreement is to initiate activities for long term relationship and launch of Mile Dragic Production brand and products into the Australian market. Eagle Space Group conducted comprehensive market research and identified products that have perspective for successful supply to Australian Defence Force, Police, Emergency Services and Security sector.

22nd June 2013

Due to change in management and reshuffle of Senior Executives, ESG started a process of business analysis with aim to develop and deliver consolidated new business model, new business strategy, general business restructure and new direction for the next decade. To achieve this ESG engaged external consultant from Europe and posted him to its Canberra office in Australia. This work is expected do be finalised by March 2014.

28th Mar 2013

ESG Australia established lead and start up of cooperation with Deals Direct Australia`s #1 online department store to launch products supplied by Tigar Americas. Deals Direct is on-line store for customers who love a bargain. They offer a huge range of over 15,000 big brand names and quality products at heavily discounted prices in 24 categories - everything from toys, manchester, wine, electrical appliances, homewares, home furniture, outdoors, sports and fitness, apparel, floor rugs and more.

25th March 2012

ESG Australia expanded its presence to Canberra, Australia by establishing new office in the nation`s capital. Purpose of this expansion is to reach communities and customers in rural Australia as follow up on leads from market research and contacts established during activities on launching gumboots from Tigar Americas` products portfolio. Marija Cuk will manage ESG`s Canberra office.

14th January 2012

ESG Australia launched new representative office of Tigar Americas in Sydney, Australia. The office is located in Sydney CBD and is managed by Ivan Milbridge and Marija Cuk as agreed with management of Tigar Americas. The main focus in the first year will be on establishing presence in Australia, raising awareness to local business community about the products and searching for opportunities to launch products to Australia from Tigar Americas portfolio.

28th September 2011

ESG Australia have recently signed a three-years AUD$3m contract with Tigar Americas - a Tigar Corporation subsidiary. As the ESG Project Manager in charge of Tigar Corporation Australian expansion, I would like to introduce this remarkable organization and its pre-eminent range of products.
Tigar Corporation, one of the largest European organizations, consists of three separate yet linked entities:
Fashion Accessories and Safety Footwear
Rubber Products for Building and Mining
Chemical Products
Since its foundation in 1935 Tigar has held on to its original location and strong tradition, yet succeeded in growing into a truly global company. Tigar Corporation with a range of products revealing their proudly multi-generational culture, knowledge and skillfulness, which has given them a well established position both in the US and Europe.

20th July 2011

Eagle Space Group started its new European fashion & art project.
Limited-edition and original pieces by independent designers and artisans from Europe. We want to introduce you to some of Europe`s independent designers, artisans and their spectacular products. Now you can join their small, elite clientele of those-in-the-know and buy online.
Each item in our online store is European designed and made. We strive for originality and surprise, with an internationally... appealing flavour.
Our original selection of hand-picked items is all about
We believe in realistic prices and ethical business practices.
Items are dispatched from our European HQ. Our prices are all-inclusive of shipping costs and taxes, so no need to calculate shipping costs, just focus on enjoying your shopping experience!
takes you on a virtual stroll down a European shopping boulevard.
Please visit our Facebook and stay tuned with this creative new project.
You can also follow us on twitter

29th May 2011

Eagle Space Group started its new Client Service Centre in Europe. The aim is to provide access to efficient and productive business environment to ESG trade facilitation teams including following facilities available for use to our business partners in Europe:

On Site
24 hour access
24 hour CCTV monitoring
Meeting Rooms
Secure underground parking
Lounge area
Double Glazing
Temp control

Technical Facilities
High speed internet access
Videoconferencing studio

People Services
On-Site Sandwich / Coffee Bar
Vending Machines

22nd September 2010

Ivan Milbridge, CFO of Eagle Space Group had a meeting with representatives of the Serbian Privatisation Agency to discuss details about investment opportunities available to foreign investors in Serbia. The sale of Genex Tower and the administrative process around it was a specific investment project discussed at the meeting. Eagle Space Group will asses the information and present it to interested investors from Australia, Canada and USA.