Who We Are

Eagle Space Group provides communication and business consulting services, with the aim of promoting the trade of goods and services between Australia and Europe. Our business assists companies on matters of trade, investment, business and media and communications.

Eagle Eye Media

Eagle Eye Media provides media and market research services under the Australian-Serbian owned Eagle Space Group.
We focus on non-EU markets which cover an audience of some 30+ million people regionally, plus a broader, worldwide audience.
Eagle Eye Media has an excellent network of media professionals, independent experts and partner organisations, specialising in strategic analysis, security, economics and international affairs, including trade and investments.
We focus on assisting clients to find solutions for increasing market footprint and sales, and enables them to successfully implement their PR and other business strategies.
Eagle Eye Media offers balanced perspectives on current affairs and world issues, for local and regional media outlets, sourcing from and collaborating with international organisations, such as NATO, EU and others.